Stabbursdalen Lodge are situated in Porsanger, Finnmark, Norway 70 degress north.

To get here the best way is by AIR. ALL year around  there is direct flight from OSLO – Lakselv Airport with SAS every Friday and Monday. Our airport is 16 km away from our Lodges and we can easily arrange pick up if wanted. The town Lakselv (10 min away) also provide car rental and have many stores for buying food, fuel, sport equipment and other things you need for your stay at Stabbursdalen Lodge.

Another good option summer and winter is to fly to Ivalo, Finland ( 3 hours drive from ). Good roads and a lot to see on the road. Daily flights multiple times a day during summer and winter. Price is also good.

Another option is to fly to Alta Airpot by plane and take a rental car from Alta to Stabbursnes. Takes about 2-3 hours drive from Alta to Stabbursnes.

Driving to Stabbursdalen Lodge is also an other option. You have your own car and get easily around in our rivers. See map where we are situated and get the best route via Google Map.

Feel free to contact us for more information.

Stabbursdalen Lodge