Our Rivers

Stabbursdalen Lodge provide top class fishing after the atlantic sliver salmon in three different rivers. Stabburselva, Lakselva and Børselva. All three is top class rivers in different ways.

Stabburselva is one of Norways top 10 rivers and provide us with 3-5 ton Atlantic salmon every year. Its situated just outside our doorstep and its a beauty with hundreds of fly fishing beats. Season start normally 1 of june and ends 15 of september. Species like Atlantic salmon up to about 20 kg is caught every year. Arctic char and seatrout is also common. The river is divided in 4 zones and starts from the sea up to top of the Stabburselva about 40 km. Stabburselva grunneierforening is selling day tickets in all zones. Zone 1 and 3 has daily lottery for fishermen. In zone 2 you will always be able to fish our beautiful Stabburselva.

Lakselva is famous for its BIG salmon and has a lot of salmon over 40 punds each year. To fish this river you need to take part of an lottery/auction early in March each year. Lakselva is divided into 4 zones. Zone 1 is probably the most populær zone fishing tide running fresh salmon. We can also recommend zone 2 and 3 for a lot of good moments. Zone 4 holds the biggest salmon already early in the season. Contact us for fishing a private beat in this zone. We have access to a really nice area here.


Stabburselva is our main river and has easy access to zone 1 and 2. This river is divided into 4 zones. Zone 1 starts from sea mouth and runs about 3 km up streams. On this zone Stabbursdalen Grunneierforening sells 15 day-license. Its also some seasons license fishing here, but mainly